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Samsung M110 review: Samsung M110

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The Good Sturdy rugged design. Dust and water resistant. Photo light doubles as a flashlight.

The Bad Feature poor. Low quality VGA camera.

The Bottom Line Samsung's M110 keeps the promises it makes, though there aren't so many of those. Dust and minor water resistance will appeal to those exposed to the elements, but its lack of features will turn the rest of us away.

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6.9 Overall

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Remember the last time your mobile phone was run over by a tip truck full of coal and you wished someone made a rugged phone designed to withstand more punishment than your standard handset? Maybe not. How about the time you dropped your handset in the toilet in that dodgy nightclub?

Samsung isn't promising the M110 will survive a face-off with a monster truck, but from demonstrations we've seen it can definitely handle a dunking in the dunny. Made from stiff rubber and plastic, the M110 feels sturdy and the grip of the body feels less likely to slip from your hand than some of the glossy plastic finishes we see on phones these days.

The keypad on the M110 is large enough to navigate easily, with the numeric keys raised in the middle for extra definition. The menu navigation keys, including the call keys, are a little bit cramped, but are easy to use with a little care. On the left side of the handset are volume adjustment buttons and a combined charging and headphone port, and on the back is a VGA camera lens and photo light.

On the back of the handset, below the VGA camera module, Samsung has included a half-turn screw locking mechanism for the battery cover. Whether or not locking the back plate actually helps the phone resist the elements is unknown, but it sure lends credence to the suggestion and gives the phone an old-fashioned surety.

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