When it hits stores in August, Samsung's LTP468W will carry the title--fleetingly anyway--of the "largest flat-panel LCD TV." This 46-inch model carries a list price of $9,999 and boasts a pixel count of 1,920x1,080, enabling it to display every detail of the highest-resolution HDTV broadcasts.

Upside: With all those pixels, you can sit right up close to the screen and bask in the glory of full-fledged HDTV. No plasma has nearly this high of a native resolution, and LCDs have other advantages over plasmas (check out our comparison). The set also features an HDTV tuner, picture-in-picture, built-in JBL speakers, two component-video connections, and both DVI and the new digital audio/video connector, HDMI. It weighs a little less than 100 pounds.

Downside: You can get a 46-inch plasma for half the price. Although we haven't reviewed this TV yet in person, LCDs haven't performed as well as plasmas in our tests, especially in terms of home-theater picture quality.

Outlook: Consumers with deep pockets who prefer LCDs to plasmas have been waiting for larger screen sets like this one and Sharp's 45-inch Aquos LC-45GX6U. Though still expensive, this Samsung will be a little cheaper than the Sharp initially, but it's unclear from our cursory examination which holds the performance edge. We look forward to testing both in CNET Labs when they're released.