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The Good The Samsung LND630 series exhibited very good picture quality, with relatively deep black levels, accurate color in bright areas and excellent video processing with proper handling of 1080p/24 sources. Its matte screen works well in bright lighting and the TV features numerous picture adjustment options and can stream video via USB and DLNA. We appreciated its classy styling.

The Bad Shadow detail on the LND630 series was somewhat murky, its dark areas tinged were tinged a bit blue, and the benefits of 120Hz difficult to discern. A few slightly more expensive models have much better feature selections.

The Bottom Line With image quality every bit as good as many expensive LED models, the Samsung LND630 is a great choice for a no-frills LCD TV.

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7.3 Overall
  • Design 7
  • Features 6
  • Performance 7
  • Value 8

One of the most common requests we hear at CNET is for a TV that has good picture quality "without all that extra crap" (or words to that effect). Said extras included on many TVs these days include Internet connectivity and 3D, as well as an LED backlight for LCD models. Samsung's LND630 series comes pretty close to that no-frills ideal, delivering picture quality that's a match for many of the best LED TVs we've tested this year at a price that reflects its relative lack of extra features.

Yes, the LND630 does have a 120Hz refresh rate, but you can customize its processing to get the benefits of 1080p/24, film-based Blu-rays without smoothing (yay!). More importantly, the step-down 60Hz LND550 lacks this model's color accuracy. Slightly more-expensive sets like the LED-based Sony KDL-EX523 series offer built-in Internet streaming, but for the price difference you could add a network streaming box to this Samsung. The LND630 doesn't provide quite the bang-for-the-buck of Panasonic's ST30 series plasma, but among LCDs we've tested, LED or otherwise, it's the value champ.

Series information: We performed a hands-on evaluation of the 46-inch Samsung LN46D630, but this review also applies to the 40-inch member of the series. Both sizes have identical specs and according to the manufacturer should provide very similar picture quality.

Models in series (details)
Samsung LN40D630 (reviewed) 40 inches
Samsung LN46D630 (reviewed) 46 inches


A thin reddish-bronze strip helps break up the glossy black.

Design highlights
Panel depth 3.2 inches Bezel width 1.75 inches
Single-plane face No Swivel stand No

The LND630 looks the part of Samsung's nicest non-LED TV, with a sleek transparent edge that makes the bezel around the screen seem slimmer than it is. The bottom edge of the frame gets a bronze-colored strip to offset the black. We appreciated the swivel, although we noticed Samsung dropped the glass-topped base of 2010's LNC630 stand to go with glossy black plastic this year.

Remote control and menus
Remote size (LxW) 8.4 x 2 inches QWERTY keyboardNo
Illuminated keys 44 IR device control No
Menu item explanations Yes On-screen manual Yes

Samsung's standard midrange remote is included on the LND630, complete with backlighting behind nearly every key--a rarity in this class. We don't like the grid layout as much as the better-differentiated keys on some other remotes, but it's still perfectly functional once you figure out the logical groupings.

The TV has the same menus as last year, and that's a good thing. The transparent, blue-highlighted graphics are easy to read and navigate, and response is snappy. Text explanations are present for just about every function.

The LND630 keeps Samsung's old-school menus. We like.


Key TV features
Display technology LCD LED backlight N/A
3D technology N/A 3D glasses included N/A
Screen finish Matte Internet connection No
Refresh rate(s) 120Hz Dejudder (smooth) processing Yes
DLNA compliant Photo/Music/Video USB Photo/Music/Video

The LND630 is the only non-LED Samsung LCD to offer 120Hz processing. It lacks the Internet streaming found on many step-up LED-based 2011 Samsungs, but it does have the ability to play back multimedia files via DLNA. Its Ethernet port can also download firmware updates if necessary.

Picture settings
Adjustable picture modes 4 Fine dejudder control Yes
Color temperature presets 4 Fine color temperature control 10 points
Gamma presets 7 Color management system Yes

Samsung offers its full range of picture settings on the LND630, providing as much control as on any flagship-priced TV on the market. We especially appreciate the customizable dejudder and the company's superb color management system. As we mentioned the step-down Samsung LND550 series lacks this TV's color adjustments and hence color accuracy (see below).

Picture settings are a major strength of this TV.

HDMI inputs 3 back, 1 side Component video inputs 2 back
Composite video input(s) 1 back, 1 side VGA-style PC input(s) 1
USB port 2 side Ethernet (LAN) port Yes

Nothing major goes missing here, and four HDMI ports are plenty for just about anybody. It's worth noting that the second component input doubles as the one back composite, so you can't use both simultaneously.

The LND630's input bay is spacious compared with most LEDs'.

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