Samsung IP-830W (Sprint) review: Samsung IP-830W (Sprint)

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The Good The Samsung IP-830w is a dual-mode CDMA/GSM phone for use domestically and overseas. The smart phone also features Windows Mobile 5, Bluetooth, and EV-DO support.

The Bad The Samsung IP-830w is bulky and has a disappointingly short talk-time battery life. It also lacks Wi-Fi, and the QWERTY keyboard is a bit cramped.

The Bottom Line Unless your business requires you to travel overseas frequently, there are a number of sleeker and better-performing Windows Mobile smart phones than the Samsung IP-830w.

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6.3 Overall
  • Design 6
  • Features 7
  • Performance 6

Back in September at the fall CTIA show, Sprint and Samsung announced the upgrade to the Samsung SCH-i830, bringing some welcome additions to the smart phone. The updated Samsung IP-830w (a.k.a. Sprint International Smart Device IP-830w by Samsung) finally catches up to the competition and comes preloaded with the latest Windows Mobile 5 operating system. But its biggest benefit is the dual-mode CDMA/GSM functionality, which lets globe-trotters use the phone in the United States and overseas. That said, if work or pleasure doesn't require you to travel much, we think there are a number of better-designed and better-performing Windows Mobile smart phones out there, including the Sprint PPC-6700 and the Palm Treo 700wx. The Sprint IP-830w is available now for a pricey $599.99 with service.

The Samsung IP-830w features the same slider design as its predecessor, and though it's a tad smaller (4.5 by 2.2 by 0.9 inches compared to 5.2 by 2.8 by 0.6 inches), it remains a clunky phone. This isn't uncommon among Pocket PC phones; the Palm Treo 700wx and the Cingular 8125 share similar dimensions, but we found the IP-830w to be extrathick and heavy. In addition, there's an external antenna that adds an extra inch of unwanted bulk.

On front of the device, there is a 2.8-inch touch screen that displays 262,000 hues at a 240x320 pixel resolution. Though it shows off more colors than the Samsung SCH-i830, we didn't notice a difference; in fact, we actually found the display's colors to be a bit washed out. We do love the convenience of the touch-screen functionality, however, as it gives you an easy and alternative method for inputting text and accessing the device's menus and programs. You also can navigate the smart phone with the set of controls beneath the screen, which include two soft keys, Talk and End keys, a Back button, shortcuts to your Calendar and Program Launcher, and a four-way navigation toggle with center Select key. The layout and buttons were on the smaller and cramped side, so users with larger digits might want to give it a test-drive before purchasing the phone.

We found the Samsung IP-830w's keyboard to be a bit cramped.

Hiding beneath the IP-830w's screen is a full QWERTY keyboard. To get to the keyboard, simply slide the front cover upward; the sliding mechanism is smooth, and the screen locks into place with a satisfying click. The buttons are tactile and well backlit, but we have several complaints about it. First, the layout is cramped, making it easy to press the wrong key. What's more, since you can use the keyboard only in portrait mode and with the screen slid up, it makes the device top heavy and harder to hold. As such, we prefer the Treo 700wx's form factor.

Save the device's internal memory for apps, and keep your multimedia files on an SD card.

There's an SDIO/MMC expansion slot on the right side, while a headset jack, a Voice Command button, a volume rocker, and a Hold/Backlight switch are on the left spine. Sprint packages the Samsung IP-830w with a Sprint Worldwide SIM card, an AC charger with adapters for Europe and the U.K. (very nice), a USB cable, a stereo headset, an extended battery, a software CD, and reference material.

One of our biggest complaints with the Samsung SCH-i830 concerns the outdated operating system, so we're finally glad to see that the Samsung IP-830w comes preloaded with Windows Mobile 5.2 Pocket PC Phone Edition with AKU (Adaption Kit Update) 2.6. Now, you can enjoy the benefits of the revamped Mobile Office Suite, which include a PowerPoint viewer and support for charts, tables, and embedded images in Word Mobile and Excel Mobile. This is supplemented by the Picsel Browser app that lets you view the aforementioned file types, plus PDFs, JPEG and PNG images, HTML, and more. For your e-mail needs, Outlook Mobile is onboard as is support for GoodLink so that you can get your messages delivered to your device in real time. In addition, you can configure the IP-830w to access your POP3 and IMAP e-mail accounts.

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