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Samsung HT-X30 review: Samsung HT-X30

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The Good Good picture quality; impressive sound; low price tag.

The Bad Not amazingly loud; only upscales to 1080i format.

The Bottom Line It's not the loudest system around, but we think most people will love the Samsung HT-X30's warm sound and great picture quality. Extra features such as the USB port, DivX playback and DVD-Audio support only add to its charm

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8.3 Overall

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A bargain price tag usually means you have to compromise on features. Not so with the Samsung HT-X30. It's a 5.1 DVD home cinema system with HDMI, a USB port as well as DVD-Audio and DivX playback. It's available online for around a mere £190. Seems like a bargain, but is this system too good to be true?

The X30 may not boast quite as striking a design as Samsung's smaller HT-X200 2.1 setup, but it's still a handsome beast. The main unit has a fairly conventional DVD player design, but the sloping front panel adds a touch of flair. Also, the small speakers are nicely rounded and small enough to be easily dotted around a room on book shelves and windows sills.

All the cables are colour coded so connecting the speakers is only hard if you can't tell your blues from your reds. If you'd prefer not to use cables for the rear speakers there is an optional wireless rear speaker amp available.

Around the back you'll find a decent array of video connection options including Scart, composite, component and that all important HDMI connection. The system upscales DVDs to 720p and 1080i and it also plays DivX, MP3 and WMA files either from DVD discs or via a USB stick or hard drive plugged into the front mounted USB port.

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