Samsung HT-X200 review: Samsung HT-X200

As well as DVD playback, you can also use the system to listen to CDs and surprisingly, DVD-Audio discs. There's a built-in FM radio for tuning in to your favourite radio station and on the right hand side, you'll find a USB slot. You can use this to listen to MP3 or WMA audio files, view JPEG pictures or watch DivX movies from USB memory keys or external hard drives.

The HT-X200's Achilles' heel is its sonic performance. It can't really match the audio finesse of some other 2.1 systems on the market. The sound simply isn't balanced enough. You tend to get deep booming bass from the subwoofer and lots of high frequencies from the stereo speakers, but relatively little in between, which means that the audio has a rather harsh and lifeless feel to it.

Things are made worse by the puny virtual surround modes. While you can never expect a virtual surround sound mode to match the all-encompassing audio from a real 5.1 set-up, we've have heard 2.1 systems do a better job than the X200. Its virtual modes do add space to the sound, but they tend to have the side effect of muddying the overall audio clarity.

Another issue is that you've given practically no control over the audio as the system lacks any kind of bass and treble controls. The lack of the ability to turn down the subwoofer is especially annoying when you want to tame the bass output when other people in the house have headed off to bed.

Samsung has gone to town on the HT-X200's looks and produced a system that really stands out from the crowd. However, despite producing good quality pictures from DVD, it's let down by its sonics, which are for the most part lifeless and dull.

Edited by Jason Jenkins
Additional editing by Shannon Doubleday