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Samsung HT-BD1252 review: Samsung HT-BD1252

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The Good Classy looks; great video performance; good range of features; low price tag.

The Bad Speakers feel slightly plasticky; subwoofer can be overly booming; no video inputs.

The Bottom Line The Samsung HT-BD1252's build quality and audio performance could be better, but it delivers crisp Blu-ray pictures and offers a wealth of useful features, like an iPod dock and media-streaming abilities. We think it offers good value for money

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8.3 Overall

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They may not be popular with purists, but there's no doubt that you get plenty of bang for your buck when you opt for a home-cinema kit. The HT-BD1252 from Samsung is a good example. Not only do you get a 5.1-channel speaker set-up and surround-sound decoder, but you also get a BD-Live compatible Blu-ray player, iPod dock and media-streaming features. The HT-BD1252 will set you back around £450.

Fragile beauty
Samsung has a knack of coming up with attractive designs for its AV kit -- one of the reasons why its TVs have proved so popular over the last few years -- and certainly this talent for sexy styling is much in evidence on the HT-BD1252. The main unit looks quite snazzy, thanks to its petite dimensions, pleasant curves and piano black exterior.

But, while it wins marks for style, the system is rather lacking when it comes to build quality. When you hold the speakers in your hands, it quickly becomes obvious that they're made from relatively thin and light plastic. This is especially true of the tall speakers used for the front right and left channels.

Nevertheless, setting up the HT-BD1252 is pretty straightforward, as all the wires are colour-coded. Along with the two tall speakers, there's a very narrow centre speaker and two bookshelf-style rear speakers. The system also includes a fairly small, passive subwoofer that doesn't require its own power source.

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