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Samsung Gravity TXT - blue (T-Mobile) review: Samsung Gravity TXT - blue (T-Mobile)

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The 2-megapixel camera takes photos in four resolutions, from a full 2 megapixels (1,600x1,200 pixels) down to below QVGA (320x240 pixels). Other features include a white balance, spot metering, a digital zoom (not available in all resolutions), multishot and mosaic shot modes, a panoramic feature, a smile shot option (the camera will detect when a subject smiles and shoot automatically), a self-timer, and three shutter sounds.

The camcorder shoots clips in two resolutions (322x240 pixels and 176x144 pixels) and offers most of the same editing options as a still camera. Clips meant for multimedia messages are capped at about a minute, but you can shoot for longer in standard mode.

The Gravity Txt takes decent photos.

Photo quality was better than we expected with bright colors and little image noise. Videos, on the other hand, were about as grainy and jerky as you'd expect from a low-resolution shooter. Once you're finished, you can save photos and clips to the Gravity's Txt's 115MB of memory. That's not a lot, but the microSD card slot offers more space. And just in case, a handy meter tells you how much room you have left. For sharing your work, the handset offers quick uploads to Flickr, Kodak, Photobucket, and Snapfish.

The Gravity Txt has a standard WAP browser. It's no worse than any other WAP browser, but it certainly can't compare to what you get on even the most basic smartphone. It can get the job done, but just know what you're in for. The handset comes with three demo games: Scrabble, Tetris, and Uno. You can get the full versions and more apps from T-Mobile.

We tested the quad-band (850/900/1800/1900) Samsung Gravity Txt world phone in San Francisco using T-Mobile service. Call quality was quite satisfactory, on the whole. The signal remained strong in most places, calls connected quickly, and we detected no static or interference. What's more, our friends' voices sounded natural. On the downside, the volume could have been a bit louder. We had some trouble hearing on the street, for instance. The Gravity Txt also supports T-Mobile's 3G network, though it will be of limited use given the handset's basic browser and data features.

AT&T Samsung Gravity Txt call quality sample Listen now:

On their end, callers also were pleased. Most people could tell that we were using a cell phone, but they didn't report any issues outside of some wind noise and one instance of feedback. Speakerphone calls were fine, but not spectacular. The sound was surprisingly clear on our end, though there was a background hiss at the highest volume levels. Callers could hear us as long as we were close to the phone.

The Gravity Txt has a rated battery life of 6.5 hours of talk time and 18.75 days of standby time. According to FCC radiation tests, the Gravity Txt has a digital SAR of 0.87 watt per kilogram.

In the end, the Gravity Txt is no better, or worse, than the models that came before it. We like the simple design, the basic features, and the good call quality, but there are aspects of the design that remain bothersome. We got used to them, as we said, but we wish we didn't have to. But if you're looking for a reliable messaging phone that won't break the bank, given that the Gravity Txt is just $9.99 with service, you can't go wrong.

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