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Samsung G15 review: Samsung G15

The Good Solid 2D performance; large hard drive; 5 USB ports.

The Bad No battery; low 3D score; 4:3 screen.

The Bottom Line The Samsung G15 offers good application performance, but is let down when it comes to 3D. You won't be able to use it on the go, due to the lack of battery, but as it weighs 5kg it's unlikely you'll ever take it that far anyway

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7.5 Overall

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Samsung has taken the concept of desktop replacement to the extreme with the G15 -- it doesn't even have a battery, so using it on the move is out of the question.

If you're prepared to keep it deskbound, however, it's reasonably cheap with an asking price of £548 from

Samsung may not have equipped the G15 with Intel's latest Intel Core 2 Duo processor, instead opting for a 1.86GHz Pentium Dual Core T2130 chip combined with 1GB of RAM, but it still managed to pull in a respectable PCMark05 score of 3,487.

When it comes to storage space, Samsung hasn't skimped either, equipping the G15 with a massive 320GB hard drive, which should be more than enough for all but the most demanding of users. Samsung has also thrown in a backup utility to keep your data safe and there's a DVD writer plus a 6-in1 card reader.

The 17-inch screen is a glossy display, with great colour reproduction, but it is more reflective than a normal model so you may find traces of bright lights behind you a distraction.

When it comes to expansion, you'll find a generous five USB ports available, with four on the left hand side and a further connector at the rear. The keyboard is large and solid to type on.

It also slopes slightly towards the front, making it comfortable to use. In terms of wireless connections, you'll find an 802.11g Wi-Fi adapter built in, but no Bluetooth.

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