Samsung DVD-HR735 review: Samsung DVD-HR735

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The Good One touch recording is easy to use. HDMI connector. Any key context functionality.

The Bad Some chaptering and copying limitations. Menus are muddled and slow.

The Bottom Line Samsung's DVD-HR735 offers HDMI connectivity, but beyond that it's a largely unexciting DVD recorder.

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6.0 Overall

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There are certain product genres that invite experimentation with design. Sadly, it seems, DVD recorders don't fall into a design experimentation genre, and as such, Samsung's DVD-HR735 looks pretty much like any other DVD recorder that you'd care to mention. The front display utilises a very standard arrangement of lights to let you know if you're currently recording to DVD or hard drive (you'll also get an onscreen prompt when switching modes) as well as normal DVD playback/recording controls.

The rear of the HR735 features output options for just about every commonly used video and audio output, up to HDMI, which is still a touch rare in the DVD recorder market. There's also the usual flip-down panel at the front hiding an additional set of inputs, including DV Camera. See, we said it was a very ordinary design. In the DVD-HR735's favour, it's relatively thin at 5.5cm high, so it should fit into any home theatre array with few troubles.

On the subject of troubles, the DVD-HR735's remote falls solidly into the category of complex -- sort of. It's a multi-button affair that'll take you some time to get to grips with, although Samsung have made some concessions to the Homer Simpson crowd with the inclusion of an "any key" button that'll perform context-sensitive actions within the DVD-HR735's somewhat muddled menu structures.

The DVD-HR735's DVD support includes progressive scan and Samsung's take on improving digital signal processing; in Samsung's case it calls it EVQ (Enhanced Video Quality). Our test model handled multi-region discs without complaint, although that's not a given for a genuine retail unit.

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