Samsung DVD-1080P7

This DVD player upconverts signals to 1080p output, making it ideal for those who want to play their old DVD library on a new full HD screen.

Pam Carroll
Former editor of CNET Australia, Pam loves being in the thick of the ever-growing love affair (well addiction, really) that Australians have with their phones, digital cameras, flat screen TVs, and all things tech.
Pam Carroll
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If you have broken the piggy bank and invested in a new 1080p high definition television, chances are you've also bought yourself a Blu-ray player to go with it. Most of these new HD disc players -- with the exception of Sony's Playstation 3 -- will upscale your DVD library to provide a more impressive picture on an HD screen.

If for some reason you don't have a next-gen Blu-ray or HD DVD player, Samsung's upscaling DVD-1080P7 will breathe new life into those DVDs for only AU$199.

It is able to up-convert a DVD's native resolution to output high definition formats -- 720p/1080i/1080p -- for higher quality pictures and outputs through HDMI cable. The player supports DiVX MP3, WMA and JPEG files, as well as audio CD and DVD formats.

Although described by a Samsung product manager as a "killer" product for 2007 during the press briefing, we can't help but think that the DVD-1080P7 is really just an interim device until there's more on offer (with more competitive pricing) in the Blu-ray and HD-DVD market.

Most recent model digital video recorders do upscale to 1080i, if not 1080p, so for the sake of a letter change from i to p, you may choose to spend a bit more to get something that has recording capabilities. And really, if you've got the dosh to buy a 1080p TV, stretching the budget to include a Blu-ray player probably isn't much of an issue.

It looks smart, is reasonably priced and will make your DVD collection look much better, but if you've got a 1080p display, you've probably bought it to play next generation discs in the first place, so the DVD-1080P7 may have limited appeal.

This product will be available in May 2007.