If you're looking for a dryer that's truly top of the line, you could do a lot worse than the Samsung DV457. Proving that touch screens aren't just for tablets (or refrigerators, for that matter), the DV457 boasts an 8-inch LCD screen and a menu that's packed with all of the features and settings you could ever want. This includes a fair deal of smart features, like the DV457's ability to connect to your home Wi-Fi network, or the fact that you can start or stop a cycle remotely, from your smartphone.

Of course, top-of-the-line appliances come at top-of-the-line prices, and the DV457 is no exception, coming in at $1,499 for an electric model or $1,599 for the gas version. And, if you also want Samsung's matching smart washer, the WF457, it'll cost you another $1,499. We'll be putting both machines through the full review treatment soon to help you decide whether they'd make a good investment, but in the meantime let's take a look at what all the DV457 has to offer.

What can it do?
The DV457 has 14 drying cycles for you to choose from. These include the typical cycles you'd expect to find on a dryer, as well as specific cycles for things like bedding and active wear. The DV457 also offers multiple steam cycles that promise to eliminate wrinkles or sanitize hard-to-clean items like curtains, toys, or throw pillows.

Thanks to the touch screen, customizing each of these cycles is easier than it's ever been. With a few quick taps, you can adjust basic settings like the heat and dryness levels, or activate advanced options like the efficiency-minded Eco Dry mode, or the mixed load bell, which will alert you when lighter items can be taken out earlier than bulkier ones.

As you adjust your cycle's settings, the DV457 will automatically adjust the estimated drying time. During the cycle, the dryer will rely upon its built-in moisture sensors to automatically determine when the load is finished. A manual cycle is also available if you need to set the dryer to run for a specific length of time.

Colin West McDonald/CNET

There's a lot of information to take in on the touch screen, and the wide variety of options and settings might actually seem overwhelming at first. But in our experience thus far, using the DV457 quickly becomes a simple and intuitive process. Our only real gripe is that the touch screen, attractive though it may be, is just a bit on the laggy side, especially when scrolling up and down through the lists of cycles and settings. If you're expecting the kind of smooth, immediate responsiveness of an iPad's touch screen, for instance, think again.

Smart features put you in control
The DV457's smart features all seem designed toward empowering you and giving you more control over the way you do laundry. With the Samsung app installed on your phone or tablet, you'll be able to receive a notification when the dryer is finished, or you can remotely stop the cycle yourself. The app is only available for iOS devices and Samsung Galaxy phones, and it isn't the best-designed piece of software I've ever seen, but it does the job.

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If you live in an area that supports Smart Grid Awareness, the DV457 can automatically detect and take advantage of periods of time when local power usage is at its lowest. This makes for a greener, more cost-efficient drying cycle. You can also manually delay a cycle's start time by up to 24 hours, an easy way of running the machine overnight.

In the event of technical difficulties, the DV457 can use a feature called Smart Care to diagnose what's wrong with itself, then help guide you through the solution, step by step. If this saves you from waiting on hold for a service call even once, it'll be worth it.

Colin West McDonald/CNET

Stacking up against the competition
The DV457 is one of just a few true smart dryers currently available, and the $1,499 price point is pretty typical for this new, emerging class of appliances. LG's Smart ThinQ dryer also boasts a touch screen, a smartphone app, and multiple steam cycles, but it costs $100 more than the DV457. Whirlpool's smart dryer with 6th Sense Live technology also costs a little more than the DV457, even though its LCD screen isn't a touch screen.

As we continue testing these dryers out, we'll be sure to let you know which, if any, we'd recommend. In the meantime, check out our dryer buying guide for more info on choosing the right dryer, complete with a detailed breakdown of the current smart dryer offerings.