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The Good Pearly case looks unique and may tickle some people's fancy; decent capacitive touchscreen; light weight.

The Bad No 3G, Wi-Fi or GPS; no camera flash; Facebook widget tries hard but fails to rock; slow Web surfing; ugly fonts.

The Bottom Line Like all fashion phones, whether or not the Samsung Diva will appeal to you depends on your taste. If you're not in love with its appearance, you can find similar-looking phones with more features for the same price

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5.5 Overall

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The Samsung Diva is aimed at women who are happy to sacrifice useful features for a phone that looks blinging and comes with free make-up. It's as shallow as a puddle of rain water but, if you like the Diva's looks and think appearance is everything, it could be worth a look -- there are worse budget phones out there.

You can pick the Diva up for free on a £15-per-month contract, or for £140 on a pay-as-you-go deal. You can also buy it SIM-free for around £170.

If looks could kill
If you're not sure whether the Diva is for you, all you have to do is take a look at its white, pearly case with its quilted effect. Like it? Like it so much that you're willing to sacrifice a few handy features? Then the phone might suit you.

In a straw poll of phone lovers at CNET UK Towers, there weren't many fans of the Diva among the nerdy but ridiculously handsome and intelligent men folk. A few Diva lovers did emerge, however, approving of the phone's white case. But the girly user interface, with its hideous swooping font and garish pink wallpaper, was less popular among the troops as a whole.

Light fantastic
The Diva does have some things going for it besides its fashionista exterior, though. For example, it's got a capacitive touchscreen, which means it can be used with a light swipe of a well-manicured finger. Unfortunately, the phone is rather sluggish at times, so the screen didn't feel responsive enough, especially when typing.

The Diva has an alphanumeric virtual keyboard -- not a full Qwerty one. That means you have to press each key numerous times to input the desired letter, which can make typing a text message a slow experience. 

Behold the Diva's quilted posterior, and recoil at the sight or relish it, as your disposition dictates

But the Diva is light enough that it won't strain even the most delicate handbag, weighing only 93g.

Application station
Unlike the iPhone, the Diva doesn't support the installation of complex apps, but it does have a couple of more basic programs on-board. There's a 'wish list' app, which claims to be a way of keeping track of stuff you want to buy, but it doesn't offer any impressive abilities, such as online price searches -- it's just a note-taking app with some pre-defined text fields.

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