Samsung D6530 (UE40D6530) review: Samsung D6530 (UE40D6530)

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The UE40D6530 may sit in the middle of Samsung's current TV line-up, but it's not lacking in picture-processing options. Along with the Clear Motion Rate 400Hz processing, there's also Samsung's Wide Colour Enhancer Plus and the Digital Noise Filter system.

The TV really does a super job when it comes to 2D images. It renders Blu-ray movies and high-definition channels from the Freeview HD tuner with superb crispness, and it also does a fine job of upscaling DVDs and standard-definition TV channels. In fact, it's one of the best sets for upscaling standard-def content that we've seen in a while.

Motion is handled what aplomb, so even quick pans during footy matches offer impressive levels of sharpness. Although there are some slight backlight inconsistencies during very dark -- almost black -- scenes, the TV's black levels and contrast performance are generally first-class.

The TV has a built-in Bluetooth transmitter to control active-shutter 3D glasses, but Samsung doesn't include any with the set. Each pair will set you back £50 to £80.

The investment will be worth it, as the UE40D6530 is less prone to cross-talk (ghosting around the edges of 3D objects) than Samsung's previous generation of 3D LED TVs. Cross-talk hasn't been completely eliminated, but it's much less intrusive than before, so 3D images generally look more solid. Also, the impression of depth is amplified because you're not being distracted by image-ghosting problems.


The Samsung UE40D6530 impresses on almost every level. Its design is super-stylish, its Internet features are top-notch, its 2D pictures have serious bite, and even its 3D performance is above average for an LED TV.

Edited by Charles Kloet

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