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Though it's not an outstanding deal at its manufacturer price of $350 (£244, AU$550), Samsung's C27F591 stacks up pretty competitively against the handful of 27-inch curved monitors selling for about $300 (£230, hard to find in Australia). Its specs peg it as a general-purpose HD display; though it supports FreeSync, there aren't a ton of gaming-friendly options, and it maxes out at 60Hz for its vertical refresh rate.

Compare that to the very similar MSI Optix G27C, which likely uses the same panel (it's made by Samsung) but differentiates itself by supporting 144Hz and offering a higher maximum brightness of 300 nits vs. the Samsung's 250 nits.

It does have a decent color gamut of over 100 percent sRGB, and with built-in speakers is suited for streaming entertainment. It's also pretty sleek looking with a round base. And if you've got an old, old system Samsung includes a VGA connector, an otherwise quickly disappearing feature.


Samsung CF591
Price (MSRP) $350, £244, AU$550
Panel type VA
Backlight type n/a
Size (diagonal) 27
Curve radius 1,800R
Resolution HD
Aspect ratio 16:9
Pixel pitch (mm) 0.311
Maximum gamut 119.3 percent sRGB
Rotates vertically No
Bit depth 8
Typical brightness (nits) 250
Color profile stored in hardware No
Hardware calibration compatibility n/a
Selectable color spaces None
Color space transformation n/a
Color temperature options n/a
Claimed delta e tolerance n/a
HDR n/a
Selectable/custom picture modes Yes/Yes
Sync technology FreeSync
Maximum vertical refresh rate (at HD or higher resolution) 60Hz
Gray/gray response time (milliseconds) 4
Black/white response time (milliseconds) n/a
MHL (Mobile High-definition Link) support No
USB-C (out) No
USB-C (in) No
USB 3.0 (out) No
USB 3.0 (in) No
Thunderbolt No
DisplayPort 1
Mini DisplayPort No
Built-in speakers Yes (audio input port)
Headphone jack Yes
Card reader No
Wireless charging in base No
Bluetooth No
Accessories included n/a
Release date February 2016