Samsung C6900 (PS50C6900) review: Samsung C6900 (PS50C6900)

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The Good Great 3D performance; slick design; punchy colours; fairly low price tag; good sound quality.

The Bad Black levels could be deeper; slight image retention.

The Bottom Line The 50-inch Samsung PS50C6900 is a top-notch plasma 3D TV. It's affordable, offers a great range of features, and delivers excellent 3D images.

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8.8 Overall

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Samsung has been making big noises about its 3D LCD TVs, but it's kept rather quiet about its 3D plasma sets. In fact, you'd be forgiven for thinking that the company didn't actually make any. Nevertheless, the 50-inch, 1080p PS50C6900 plasma TV is one of the cheapest large-screen 3D TVs around. You can pick it up for about £950.

Not too porky

Like most of Samsung's current TV line-up, the C6900 looks stylish. The combination of the dark metal effect and transparent Perspex used on the bezel looks ace, and we also love the brushed-aluminium stand. While the TV is thicker than some of today's super-slim LED models, it's certainly much thinner than you'd expect a plasma display to be, measuring just 36mm deep at its thickest point.

The only real compromise with the design is that the slim chassis means you have to use small adaptor cables for some connections, such as the Scart socket and component inputs. Otherwise, the TV is actually pretty well endowed when it comes to connectivity. You'll find four HDMI ports, two USB sockets and an Ethernet port.

As you'd expect on a TV in this price range, the USB sockets can be used for playing back media files from memory sticks or hard drives. The telly's format support is very good. Along with DviX and Xvid, the TV also plays high-definition MKV video files. If you plug a storage device into one of the USB ports, you can record shows too, which is a neat feature to have if you don't already own a PVR.

If you'd rather not use local storage with the TV, you can instead use the Ethernet port to stream files across your home network from a PC or NAS drive. The Ethernet port is also used to access a pretty broad range of Internet services, including Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, LoveFilm and, best of all, BBC iPlayer. In fact, Samsung's Internet offering is one of the best on the market at the moment.

The set also has a Freeview HD tuner. This means that, along with the usual standard-definition channels, you also get access to BBC One HD, BBC HD, 4HD and ITV1 HD. 

Slick 3D

The TV is built around a 1080p plasma panel with 600Hz drive technology, which increases the firing rate of the individual plasmas cells to deliver cleaner motion. The set also has a few tricks hidden away in its menus, including a flesh-tone setting to help improve skin tones, and a black-level booster to enhance overall black levels.

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