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Samsung BD-D7500 review: Samsung BD-D7500

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MSRP: $399.99

The Good Slimline design; Smart Hub connectivity; 3D Blu-ray compatibility; Integrated Wi-Fi.

The Bad Limited connection options; Routine CD and DVD playback; File compatibility when streaming from a NAS.

The Bottom Line Bafflingly small, the BD-D7500 pushes high-street Blu-ray design into the highfalutin realm once monopolised by a certain overpriced Danish brand. One to audition if you want a net-connected BD player that's as pretty as a picture.

Visit for details.

7.5 Overall

There must be a secret R&D division, deep within Samsung HQ, entirely devoted to downsizing technology. Its only mission: to make smaller what it made smaller the day before.

This is the only possible explanation for the Samsung BD-D7500. Hailed as the world's smallest Blu-ray player, it's only marginally larger than a couple of taped-together Blu-ray cases. Yet it manages to pack in an enormous amount of leading edge Blu-ray tech, including 3D, Internet and streaming capability.

The BD-D7500 is available now for around £240.

Tiny and glowing

The BD-D7500 is tiny, measuring 380x158x23 mm. It also sports a large, touch-sensitive control panel and copious glowing, pulsating lights. Dangle one over Nevada and there would be a UFO flap.

The severe size constraints have implications of course. There's no room for rear-ward connections on this deck. Instead you'll find a shallow cavity on the undercarriage which offers HDMI, digital optical audio and AV mini-jack outputs, plus Ethernet.

It's at this point you'll probably need to abandon any heavy-duty HDMI cables you may have planned on using. Only a cheapo flexible HDMI lead is going to fit. There's no room for a component output alternative.

A player for poseurs?

The BD-D7500 isn't designed to be racked conventionally. A little pedestal stand is supplied to prop the player on its side at a jaunty angle. This allows easy access to the slot loading disc mechanism, which is located on one edge (there's a USB slot on the other).

Samsung BD-D7500 has looks that will impress

Also supplied in the box is a wall mounting kit, should you really want to impress the neighbours.

Thankfully, you'll not need to use that USB slot for a Wi-Fi dongle as the player has that built-in. Following the simple-to-use wizard, we had the diddy deck networked in just a few minutes.

Smarter than a ten year old

When it comes to downloadable/streaming content, Samsung's Smart Hub portal is steaming ahead of the rest. Like most wall-garden manufacturers sites, it features a mix of Video on Demand services and miscellaneous apps.

Heading up the FOC VOD roster is the BBC iPlayer, YouTube, Vimeo and DailyMotion. You can also part with money to watch movies on Acetrax or via Lovefilm.

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