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Samsung's new washer has a built-in sink

No sink in your laundry room? No worries -- you can prewash right in the Samsung Activewash washer.

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LAS VEGAS -- Laundry aficionados know that prewashing is an essential step for getting those tough stains out -- but prewashing requires a sink, and not every laundry room is equipped with one. That's where Samsung's new Activewash Washing Machine comes in. Open this top-load, rear-control washer up, and you'll find a sink built right in, complete with a water jet and scrubbing surface.

The goal is to make laundry day a little less of a hassle, and to that end, Samsung's Activewash washer will be the Korean manufacturer's first washing machine with new "SuperSpeed" technology. With SuperSpeed, Samsung claims you'll be able to run a full cycle in 36 minutes.

The sink folds up and out of the way once you're finished with it. Ry Crist/CNET

Samsung wasn't the only Korean appliance maker making appliance news today -- LG showed off a new washer of its own this morning: the head-turning LG Twin Wash, which features a second, drawer-size washer beneath the main machine.

As for the Activewash Washing Machine, it's due out in spring of 2015, and will come in 4.8- and 5.2-cubic-foot white models, and the 5.2-cubic-foot platinum model pictured above. Pricing isn't locked down just yet -- when we hear more, we'll pass it along.

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