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Saitek PC Gamers Keyboard review: Saitek PC Gamers Keyboard

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The Good Cool-looking blue LED backlight; 27 extra programmable buttons.

The Bad Keyboard is extremely long; separate keypad takes up even more desk space.

The Bottom Line The keyboard's blue backlight will gussy up any gamer's setup, but this unit requires plenty of room on your desk.

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7.2 Overall

Saitek PC Gamer's Keyboard

Saitek Industries' $59.99 PC Gamer's Keyboard is designed to give serious gamers myriad control options while brightening their desktop. Split into two sections, the USB input device consists of a traditional keyboard layout plus a separate square keypad, which Saitek dubs the Command Pad. Aesthetically, however, the keyboard is far from ordinary. Beneath the large, black keys are LEDs that glow a futuristic blue hue. (Saitek also offers red- and amber-lighted versions.) The Command Pad, cabled to the keyboard, shines eerily as well.

The keyboard features a full-size set of keys as well as volume and lighting controls, but the most compelling feature is the Command Pad. It has 9 buttons that you can map to single game actions or program to run complicated macros with one touch. Even better, the Command Pad's 2 shift buttons multiply the effective number of programmable keys to a whopping 27.

Though the Saitek PC Gamer's Keyboard looks truly attractive, its LED lighting wasn't bright enough for us to read its keys in complete or near darkness. Also, the keyboard is long and takes up lots of desk space. Still, it's great for players who want to add good looks and extra functionality to their gaming rigs.

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