Rovr Rollr 60 Wheeled Cooler review: Take frosty beverages anywhere with Rovr

In addition to the upgraded wheels, the design uses "rotomolded" plastic for the walls of the cooler, which means that the mold is rotated while the plastic is poured in during the manufacturing process. This helps make plastic that's tougher and more uniform in density, which in turn can also help improve insulation.

The Rovr Rollr 60 (orange) didn't get as cold as other rotomolded coolers in this test, but it warmed back up more slowly than either Bison or Orca.

Ry Crist/CNET

That said, the Rovr was actually the weakest performer of the four rotomolded coolers I tested. In one test, I loaded the coolers into a 70-degree, climate-controlled room, then filled each of them with a measly 3 pounds of ice -- not even half of a small bag from the gas station. From there, I tracked the minute-by-minute ambient temperature inside each cooler over 48 hours. The goal was to get a granular look at how each cooler performed relative to one another.

The Rollr 60 actually holds 52.8 quarts when the lid's closed, so it's not quite as spacious as the name suggests.

Chris Monroe/CNET

In the end, the Rollr 60 wasn't able to bring its internal temperature down quite as low as the other rotomolded coolers (Yeti, Orca and Bison), and it even got beat by two nonrotomolded coolers -- the $100 Lifetime High Performance Cooler and the Igloo MaxCold, which, at $45, is my top value pick.

The Rollr 60 fell short in my capacity tests, too. Like the name suggests, Rovr claims it'll hold 60 quarts, but I was only able to fill it with 52.8 quarts of water before the lid wouldn't close without overflowing. I'd have liked to have seen a better result there given that Rovr puts "60" right in the product name.

All of that puts Rovr right in the middle of the pack a far as performance is concerned, which isn't what you want from a cooler that costs $400. Still, the strong mobility, sturdy design and the option for extra attachments like a mountable cutting board and a hitch that lets you tow the Rollr behind your bike all help to set Rovr apart from the pack. I'll let you know if I find a better value pick, but if you love the outdoors and want a cooler that can go wherever you go, then the Rollr 60 is worth the splurge.