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You can also create a list of Rojo contacts--friends and business colleagues, for instance--and share feeds with them. Adding contacts is tedious work, though. You'll have to type them one by one and can't import, say, an address book from a popular e-mail program, such as Microsoft Outlook.

Rojo's execution needs work, and its interface lacks the polish of newsreaders such as Bloglines. Rojo could benefit from an easy-to-use subscription tool, such as Bloglines' Sub with Bloglines, which lets you add a site to your newsfeeds just by clicking a browser button or a menu item. Rojo also needs a preview pane for viewing Web pages, and we'd like the ability to update feeds automatically more often than once an hour.

Rojo's support is handled by online community forums, a slim but helpful assortment of FAQs, and several guided tours for beginners. These forums are helpful, and unlike the relatively nonexistent personal support from other Web-based services, the Rojo staff generally responds to queries within a few hours.

Overall, Rojo is a decent newsreader based on a clever concept, but we believe it could be better. If you demand subject tagging and want to see what other users are reading, then Rojo is a great choice, but we wish that it could display more content within its interface the way Bloglines can.

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