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Rode VideoMic Pro review: Rode VideoMic Pro

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The Good Compact size perfectly suited to digital SLRs. Usability improvements over the original VideoMic. Ideal solution for recording better audio with a digital SLR or camcorder.

The Bad Battery compartment hard to close. No carrying or protective case.

The Bottom Line For those looking to move beyond the internal microphone on a digital SLR or camcorder, the VideoMic Pro can achieve excellent audio in a compact, lightweight and relatively inexpensive package.

8.5 Overall

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Aussie microphone manufacturer Rode has jumped readily into the market of photographers and videographers looking for better quality audio from their digital SLRs. The VideoMic Pro is the smaller, lighter version of the VideoMic, with a few extra features in a small footprint.

Design and features

The shotgun-style mic sits neatly on top of an SLR thanks to the provided hotshoe mount at its base, which also has scope for connecting a boompole using a 3/8-inch thread. Weighing just 86 grams and at 15cm long, the VideoMic Pro won't overwhelm even the smallest video-enabled SLRs. It weighs 85g and even with a very wide lens mounted on one of our test cameras (the Canon 600D with an EF-S 10-22mm attached) the mic didn't wind its way into the top of our shots.

Powered by a single 9-volt battery housed just under the microphone itself, Rode claims that it will give 70 hours of recording time. The connector is a 3.5mm jack. Though it's not provided in the box, you can redeem a free additional wind shield, affectionately dubbed the "Deadcat", when you claim the extended warranty. Textured like its namesake, the cover sits over the microphone to give additional coverage against wind noise. The microphone will work perfectly fine without it, though, as it already has a foam wind-shield as standard.

The shock mounting tries to prevent the microphone from hitting against its base and surrounds, held on with some specially designed elastic bands. There are also spares in the box.

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