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Roccat Vire review: Roccat Vire

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The Good Low impedance. Comfortable for bud earphones. Sensitive microphone. Adapters included to convert single 3.5mm plug into separate mic and headphone plugs.

The Bad No answer call button limits the Vire's potential market.

The Bottom Line The Vire doesn't set records for sound quality, but it is certainly an able headset. If only it had an answer call button, Roccat would have had all bases covered.

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8.0 Overall

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Not content with just PC gaming, Roccat has expanded into mobile headsets via the Vire. Of course, the pitch is still all about gaming, but you'll find the Vire up to the task for music listening too, with good stereo separation and sound stage, which has moderate bass. There seems to be a lack of crispness in the high-end treble but the overall tone is rather well balanced, considering the size of the earphones.

Plugging it into our Nexus One, we found the Vire has exceptionally low impedance — our in-call volume had to be dropped to the lowest setting lest our ears be blown off, while the media volume we set to about halfway to get appropriate volume. This is actually a good thing: regardless of system, you should be able to get acceptable volume out of it without having to rely on an amp.

Call quality didn't necessarily receive a boost, but the volume was definitely louder at the receiver's end when speaking through the Vire's microphone rather than that of the Nexus. The microphone is quite sensitive and is great at its default hang length — you won't want to talk into it directly as it'll cause clipping.

Typically, we find bud-style earphones to be quite uncomfortable compared to their canal counterparts, having to remove them after a fairly short duration. The Vire didn't exhibit this problem anywhere near as strongly, sitting comfortably for a considerably longer period.

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