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Roccat Pyra review: Roccat Pyra

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Macros are supported, with an impressive amount built into the driver, supporting both games and applications. You can of course make your own, with the macro creator recording keypresses, and able to insert mouse events or delays. Only delays can be edited in the standard screen, requiring you to delete an event and re-record from a certain point if you want to insert new commands.

The advanced macro editor goes some way to addressing this, enabling the insertion of new letters, as well as providing the user with a graphical way of inserting delays. Unlike the Kone, we didn’t have issues with the advanced macro editor, everything functioning as expected.

Roccat Pyra UI
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The advanced macro editor works for the Pyra, whereas its performance has been flaky with other mice. (Screenshot by CBS Interactive)

Roccat's EasyShift technology is here too, meaning that when you hold down the EasyShift button (the left thumb button by default) every other button can have a new behaviour attributed to it. For example, the default-shifted values of the scroll wheel turn the system volume up and down.

Once you're done customising, up to five profiles can be stored on the mouse, so you can take your settings with you.

Testing both under Serious Sam: HD and Left 4 Dead, we needn't have worried about the wireless version's slight rocking — things proved to be accurate, fast and deadly. We perceived no lag comparing the wireless and corded versions. In our opinion, the wireless won out in performance due to its freedom of movement.

The Pyra is a handy little gaming mouse. It may not be the best choice for extended sessions due to its small size. But if you're travelling and need space, you could do worse than picking up one of these.

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