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The Good Sound quality; DAB tuner strength; looks.

The Bad FM tuner's sensitivity to interference.

The Bottom Line The Roberts Expression is a great-sounding radio in a cool, understated case that looks good. The company's trademark use of unlimited presets and a shortcut Favourite button are welcome diversions from the industry norm.

8.3 Overall

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It's refreshing to come across a digital radio that focuses on the essentials: great sound, good looks and a strong tuner. With the Roberts Expression, there's no media streaming, iPod dock or Internet tuner on offer, just a pared down radio that sounds as good as it looks. At under £100 it's hardly an impulse purchase, but it is a style statement within reach of most shoppers.

Priceless expression

It could have been sketched for the art deco generation in Roberts' earliest years -- the 1930s -- or it could have popped up in Ikea mere days ago. The case is curved ash; the front and rear are drilled metal grilles. The tuning and volume knobs, alongside the six buttons mounted on the top, are rubberised. The only thing that lets it down is the grey plastic handle that feels as cheap as it looks. It rotates 180 degrees from front to back of the case, where it rests uncomfortably on a power lead that protrudes from the rear like a tail.

The Roberts Expression is a good-looking radio

You'd be forgiven for thinking we were so focused on its looks because it had nothing else to offer, but that's far from true. It's light on resources, running for 100 hours on a set of four alkaline D-cell batteries. If you'd rather use rechargeables, simply flip the selector to NiMH and fit them. The integrated charger will top them up when it's plugged into the mains so it should always ready for action should you want to move to another room.

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