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RM Asus miniBook review: RM Asus miniBook

The RM Asus miniBook is one of the smallest laptops on the market. It's small enough to be mistaken for a hardback book, but despite its dimensions, it doesn't sacrifice performance. With a solid state hard drive and operating a Linux-based graphical user interface, it's the definition of an ultraportable

Rory Reid

The RM Asus miniBook is RM's version of the Asus Eee PC 701. It uses the same chassis and even sports the same Asus logo, but there are a couple of minor differences.


RM Asus miniBook

The Good

Great value; three USB ports; design.

The Bad

Cramped keyboard; lack of storage space; no optical drive.

The Bottom Line

There's no two ways about it -- the RM Asus miniBook is a great laptop. It's affordable, sexy and highly portable. If you're looking for a cheap second PC that can fit into a small bag, then there are few better options

First of all, the miniBook is aimed at educational establishments so it comes in a range configurations optimised for students. The £169, entry-level model sports a 2GB solid state hard drive and 256MB of RAM, while the £199 flagship model sports a 4GB drive and 512MB of RAM. It's currently only available in white, but a black model is in the plans for the future.

RM assures us that ordinary consumers can buy them from rm.com, despite the site's claims that the laptop is only available to schools. To read the review of the virtually identical Asus Eee PC, plus impressions of how the changed spec might affect performance, click this link.