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Ring Video Doorbell Pro review: Watch your door from afar with Ring's Video Doorbell Pro

And while the Video Doorbell Pro has to be hardwired, Ring's installation process is very simple. Wire extenders are even included in the box so you can improve your connection, if needed. Always consult a professional if you have any questions about the wiring. Otherwise, this installation should take less than 30 minutes (assuming you don't have to reroute wiring or drill a lot of new holes). 

Ring even includes all four interchangeable faceplates with your purchase so you can change the color finish easily whenever you want. The colors include satin nickel, venetian (aged bronze), satin black and pearl white.  

Ring vs. other Wi-Fi buzzers

So, how does Ring's Pro doorbell compare with other smart buzzers? The news is mostly good, except that it's $50 more expensive. Take a look:

Comparing Wi-Fi doorbells

Ring Video Doorbell Pro August Doorbell Cam Ring Video Doorbell SkyBell HD Wi-Fi Video Doorbell Olive & Dove RemoBell
Price $249/£195/AU$325 $199/£155/AU$266 $199/£155/AU$265 $199/£155/AU$265 $199/£155/AU$265
Color finish Satin nickel, venetian, satin black, pearl white Silver, dark gray Satin nickel, polished brass, venetian bronze, antique brass Brushed aluminum, oil rubbed bronze Silver
Power source Hardwired Hardwired Hardwired or rechargeable battery Hardwired 6 AA batteries
Resolution 1,920x1,080p HD 1,280×960p HD 1,280x720p HD 1,920x1,080p HD 1,280x720p HD
Field of view 160 degrees 120 degrees 180 degrees 180 degrees 120 degrees
Live streaming Yes Yes Yes Yes No
Cloud storage Yes, 60-day storage for $3 per month Yes, 30-day storage for $5 per month Yes, 60-day storage for $3 per month Yes, free Yes, 3-day storage for $4 per month; 7-day storage for $8 per month; 30-day storage for $28 per month
Mobile app Android and iPhone Android and iPhone Android and iPhone Android and iPhone Android and iPhone
Web app Yes No Yes No No
Night vision Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Alerts Motion Motion Motion Motion Motion
Activity zones Yes No Yes No No
Third-party integrations IFTTT; Wink IFTTT IFTTT; Wink IFTTT; Amazon Alexa; Nest None
Operating temperature range -5 to 120 degrees F (-20 to 48 degrees C) -13 to 122 degrees F (-25 to 50 degrees C) -5 to 120 degrees F (-20 to 48 degrees C) -40 to 140 degrees F (-40 to 60 degrees C) 0 to 122 degrees F (-17 to 50 degrees C)

The Pro is also quite similar to Ring's $199 Video Doorbell. It has live video streaming, the same $3 monthly minimum subscription for cloud storage and the same third-party partnerships with IFTTT and Wink. Design and resolution are the main distinguishing features; the smaller Pro has 1080p HD video and the more basic Video Doorbell has 720p HD. The existing Video Doorbell also has a rechargeable battery in case you don't want to deal with wiring -- you can hardwire it if you want to, though.

Ring's Video Doorbell Pro delivered prompt alerts and the live feed worked well in day and night vision mode (this feature kicks in automatically in low-light conditions). I like that you can set motion alert zones on the video feed in the Ring app. You can also schedule when you receive alerts. Of course, you'll need to check the quality of your Wi-Fi connection at the install location before you buy. If it's spotty, the live feed and other video-dependent features won't work well (or at all).  

But SkyBell's HD buzzer stands out the most here. For $50 less, you get 1080p HD video, free cloud storage and integration with Amazon's voice control platform, Alexa

The verdict

Ring's $249 Video Doorbell Pro is definitely smart, but its main selling point is its small design. If you want a connected buzzer that's more likely to fit on a doorframe, this is the model for you. Otherwise, it doesn't offer much more than most of the $199 doorbells sold today. The SkyBell HD is particularly compelling since it costs less than Ring's Pro, but has the same 1080p resolution with the added bonus of free cloud storage and Alexa support. 

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