In brief

We know by now that waterproof cameras are far from the most attractive models on the block; however, Ricoh's newest entry looks like it could win the (un)coveted title of worst in show. At least it's tough, with waterproofing credentials to 3-metres, shock proofing from a drop of 1.5 metres and dust proofing.

The PX also comes with a 5x optical zoom (28-140mm) and a 16-megapixel CCD sensor. An additional boost to 10x optical zoom equivalent is possible with the built-in digital zoom, using the super resolution technology that we also saw on the CX5. The PX also borrows a range of creative filters such as miniaturise, black-and-white, soft focus and toy camera. A 2.7-inch scratch-resistant screen sits at the back of the camera.

Start-up time, often the bane of the owners of waterproof cameras, is promised to be just 1.4-seconds on the PX. Available from late June, the PX will retail for a wallet-friendly AU$299 in black, silver or green. Optional accessories also available include coloured protective jackets and neck straps.