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Ricoh GX200 review: Ricoh GX200

The Good Small size; build quality; advanced controls; wideangle zoom.

The Bad Expensive for a compact; performance good but not outstanding.

The Bottom Line Ricoh might not be one of the biggest names in photography, but it has a long history of camera manufacturing and its compact GR film camera earned a cult following. The GX200 offers the same blend of pocketability and power. Cheaper cameras can match its picture quality, though, so it's the build, handling and features you're paying for

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8.3 Overall

Digital SLRs are big, heavy and awkward to lug around. So what do you do if you want SLR-style capabilities in a pocket-sized package? With its 12-megapixel sensor, wideangle zoom and hands-on controls, the £350 Ricoh GX200 sounds like the perfect solution -- an SLR in miniature.

With an equivalent focal range of 24-72mm, the GX200 goes much wider than the average compact and wider even than the kit lenses on dSLRs. You miss out on zoom power at the top end of the scale, but if you're into landscape and travel photography you'll find this lens' wider angle of view much more useful. And if it's still not wide enough, you can invest in an optional 0.79x wideangle converter which gives you the equivalent of a 19mm lens.

Barrel distortion is a big problem with all lenses at their wideangle setting, so is the GX200's worse than most? Not particularly. And it has a very clever built-in distortion correction feature that corrects the image as it's being saved.

You can buy the GX200 on its own -- or for £50 more there's an 'EVF' kit. This includes a small electronic viewfinder that clips on to the camera's accessory shoe and might prove useful in bright light when the main LCD's swamped. This EVF can be tilted up and down, so you can use it to compose shots at waist-level too.

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