Ricoh Caplio R4 review: Ricoh Caplio R4

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The Caplio R4 has a vibration correction function which compensates for camera shake which is a common cause of blurry photos.

It also has a video recording mode and sound recording mode. These features are easy to switch on and use. One drawback however, it that to replay video, you need to have the camera display the In Details mode, which is an annoying and unnecessary step.

Start-up time is a quick 1.1 seconds, shutter response is 0.007 seconds, with a delay of 0.5 seconds between shots. However, during the start-up, the screen notifies you about changes in settings to the default (unless these settings have been saved). This notification stays on for about five seconds, which is annoying, especially when you want to take a quick snapshot.

The camera has a good battery life with the lithium ion battery allowing you to take over 330 shots between charges.

This is a great one-handed camera. Being slightly heavier, the camera's weight allows for greater stability when taking pictures and videos. With the wider lens, A-grade self portraits are possible, even for those with shorter arms.

Uploading photos to your PC with the supplied software can be confusing and lacks simplicity. It was easier to acquire the images through My Computer by select, copy and paste.

Picture quality is good and with the various scene modes, you can maximise the colour and details of your subject.

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