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Richard Solo 1800 Backup Battery review: Richard Solo 1800 Backup Battery

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The Good The Richard Solo 1800 Backup Battery successfully powers your iPhone when it needs an emergency charge. It has an easy-to-use design, and it offers a flashlight and a laser pointer.

The Bad The Richard Solo 1800 Backup Battery is a little unwieldy when attached to your iPhone.

The Bottom Line The Richard Solo 1800 Backup Battery is on the expensive side, but you get a lot of bang for your buck.

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7.6 Overall

The popularity of the iPhone has led to a gallery of iPhone accessories, from cases to speakers to backup batteries. We think the latter category has the most practical products, especially when you consider the iPhone 3G's variable battery life, so we've made an effort to review various models like the Mophie Juice Pack and the iPhoneck. Richard Solo, a small company based in California's Marin County, has jumped into the space as well. Its newest product, the 1800 iPhone Backup battery, builds on the success of its earlier models, the 1200 Backup Battery and the original Backup Battery. It offers a slimmer shape, plus a small flashlight and a laser pointer. And, of course, it will zap your iPhone 3G or iPhone classic back to life when needed. At $69.95, it's a bit more expensive than comparable products, but it delivers the goods.

Like its predecessors, the Solo 1800 is more of a secondary battery for your iPhone, rather than an emergency charger. That means you'll need to charge it before it can deliver the needed juice to your handset. That may sound inconvenient, but we think that it is a workable arrangement. The Solo 1800 measures 4.41 inches by 2 inches by 0.51 inch and weighs just 2.3 ounces. That makes it compact and portable by all accounts; we had no trouble stashing it in a bag or pocket. The casing is plastic, but it feels sturdy in the hand.

The Solo 1800's connection port sits at its top end. Since it protrudes slightly from the battery, Solo included a plastic cover to protect the connection pins from accidental flexing. The battery also comes with two "support braces" (one for the iPhone classic and one for the iPhone 3G) that will hold your handset firmly in place during the charging cycle. On the bottom of the Solo 1800's front face are three indicator lights and the buttons for the integrated flashlight and laser pointer. Directly opposite, on the rear face, you'll find a power switch for the light and laser. And at the bottom end, there's the flashlight, the laser, and the mini-USB port for the charging cable.

The Solo 1800 is compatible with not only iPhones, but also with iPod devices. The catch is that with some iPods, the headset jack won't be accessible when you're using the battery. With any device, however, the charging process is the same. First, power the Solo 1800 battery with a full charge from a standard electrical outlet, a cigarette lighter, or a computer. The retractable charging cable stretches up to 2.42 inches, and although separate adapters are required for electrical outlet and cigarette lighter charging, they come included in the box. The wall charger also has a 110-to-240-volt converter for international travel.

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