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Retro Atari Classics DS review: Retro Atari Classics DS

Atari's arcade classics make a comeback.

Zennith Geisler
As a fan of the original Atari console (and generally all things retro), Retro Atari Classics held instant appeal. This compilation consists of 10 arcade classics including Warlords, Missile Command, Centipede, Tempest, Pong, Breakout, Sprint, Gravitar, Asteroids and Lunar Lander.

The incorporation of the touchscreen into these "vintage" video games adds a degree of accuracy to some, such as Breakout and Pong, making movements more precise and bringing a new element to the gameplay. Others games, however, have been somehow overlooked and offer no stylus-sensory interaction. Asteroids and Gravitar rely solely on the use of the D-Pad for control, and while satisfactory, don't gratify the urge for touchpad support.


Retro Atari Classics DS

The Good

Old school favourites are a novelty. Touchscreen provides greater accuracy.

The Bad

Repetitive sound effects. Unchallenging gameplay. \"Remixed\" versions are tacky and unappealing. AU$70 for games that used to cost 20c to play? Kinda steep.

The Bottom Line

Youthful memories and novelty gameplay aside, this collection is for nostalgic '80s kids only.

Graffiti artists "remix" each game to give them a more contemporary flavour -- unfortunately, they're not very successful. While the classic versions are boxy and even dull -- using a lot of black, brown and orange -- the new-school versions are bright, gaudy, and cheap -- reminiscent of something created in Paint.

The desire to purchase Retro Atari Classics falls under the heading of "Ooh, remember that! How cool -- I want it!", followed by the after-thought, "But I don't really need it and it probably won't get much use". While able to spark initial interest, the game doesn't really have that much longevity. If you've got cash to burn and want a childhood flashback, this will suffice.