This battery-powered security camera fits on your front door

Forget traditional security cameras. The Remo+ DoorCam fits right on your front door.

Megan Wollerton Former Senior Writer/Editor
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The Remo+ DoorCam goes, you guessed it, over your front door.


Remo+, formerly known as Olive & Dove, is back with a new DIY home security device: the DoorCam. 

The DoorCam is a $199 battery-powered door-mounted outdoor camera. Available for preorder on the Remo+ online store, DoorCams are expected to ship later in October. Remo+ will start shipping DoorCams internationally later in 2017; at the current exchange rate, $199 converts to roughly £150 and AU$250.

So what can a DoorCam do? Here's what Remo+ has to say:

  • Indoor/outdoor; fits over "any residential door" 
  • Wi-Fi-enabled; the Wi-Fi module and antenna sit on the inside of the door
  • 720p high-definition live-streaming camera
  • Battery-powered; three D batteries with up to 12 months of expected life
  • Passive infrared motion sensor to distinguish between people and everything else
  • Push alerts
  • Saved video clips 
  • Two-way audio

Remo+ hasn't yet responded with the particulars of its video clip storage or whether the DoorCam has night vision. 

I'm really intrigued by this concept. Plenty of folks won't like the idea of having a security camera essentially draping over their front door (installation looks simple, though -- roughly the same as installing an over-the-door hook or storage rack). 

Its unique design addresses (and potentially solves) a major issue with Wi-Fi-enabled outdoor camera installations: poor connectivity. Hanging the camera's Wi-Fi chipset and antenna inside the door and the camera outside, Remo+ says, reduces interference. 

It makes sense, but we'll have to try it out for ourselves to know for sure.