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Razer Vespula review: Razer Vespula

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The Good Included gel wrist rest doubles as grip for the desk. Double-sided for finer accuracy or speed.

The Bad Wrist rest is a bit high for some mice.

The Bottom Line If you're still using your desk for gaming, Razer's Vespula is a decent step up.

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8.0 Overall

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Razer's Vespula occupies a specialised niche — that of the mouse mat. Intended purely for hardcore gamers, a decent, predictable surface can increase mouse glide and sensitivity, leading to more accurate movements on screen.

The Vespula is oddly shaped, it's vaguely trapezoidal with huge chunks cut out of the top and bottom, with green squishy plastic feet on each corner. The missing top and bottom bits are designed with a purpose: the bottom to slot in the wrist rest, which has a neoprene base the same size as the pad to allow it to grip to whatever surface you put it on. If you don't like the wrist rest but need the grip, you can just flip it around and slot it in the top divot.

It's double-sided too; one side has a smooth grip, and the other is more textured if you need more control.

The proof is always in the pudding though, so we set about a fragging session in Left 4 Dead to see how the Vespula stood up. Using our trusty Logitech G500, we found the rougher side provided more control and accuracy, while the smoother side was more suited to situations where covering more ground is more important than pinpoint accuracy, like when using the Windows desktop. Of course, depending on what mouse you have and your own surface preferences, your mileage may vary.

Although it retails for much more, the Vespula can be found online for as little as AU$40, and at this price, it's certainly worth the investment if you're still using your desk for fragging sessions.

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