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Razer Tron Mouse and Mat review: Razer Tron Mouse and Mat Bundle

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It's an ambidextrous mouse with a huge and comfortable scroll wheel, two buttons on each side and the required left and right click buttons on either side of the scroll wheel. Razer's effort to make it look more Tron-like has resulted in quite a few angles, meaning the mouse isn't as comfortable as say, SteelSeries' Xai. It's also a small mouse, our fairly normal-sized paw ending up gripping it in an eagle claw fashion.

Apart from the main mouse buttons there's an extra two on each side, and by default the left side buttons are assigned to browse forward and backward functions in your browser, the right buttons for on the fly DPI switching. This isn't the most convenient place to have put these, but then they're the only option. There's also no indication on the mouse as to what DPI you're set at, which is a little silly considering all the lights built in. Razer does have an OSD for it, but it seems to have problems with showing on top of other apps, making it rather useless for gaming.

The mouse does macros too (and does them well), but there's no dedicated button for them — you'll have to give up one of your existing ones to assign the macro function to.

Being a Razer mouse it also supports profiles containing many button set-ups, you can adjust both the X & Y axis DPI independently, turn off mouse acceleration and up the USB polling rate.

Performance was acceptable, but felt strangely floaty compared to the harsh and accurate precision of our fall-back Logitech G500, with Serious Sam HD and Left 4 Dead comparatively difficult to make accurate snap shots in.

We admire Razer for the lengths it's gone to in making this more than just a cash in, it's a proper tribute. Unless you're in it for the prettiness though, we'd recommend another mouse for serious gamers.

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