Razer Leviathan Mini is a 'tiny but mighty' beast of a Bluetooth speaker

Gaming-oriented Razer has now added a $180 portable Bluetooth speaker to its portfolio of products.

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David Carnoy

Everybody seems to be making portable Bluetooth speakers these days and Razer, known for its gaming devices and accessories, has joined the crown with the Leviathan Mini ($180, €199.99).

The company sent over a couple of early units -- yes, you can pair two of them together -- and the Leviathan Mini sounds good for its size. However, I'm not sure it does anything to outclass the competition, which includes such speakers as the Bose SoundLink Mini II and UE Boom 2.

The speaker is 3.34 inches (185mm) wide, 2.12 inches (54mm) deep, 2.16 inches (55 mm) high and weighs 1.18 pounds (538g). It includes a carrying case -- a nice extra -- and an integrated microphone for cell-phone calls. Battery life is rated at 10 hours and Bluetooth range is the typical 33 feet/10m. Bluetooth 4.0 is on board.

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Leviathan Mini is a well-designed portable Bluetooth speaker but a little pricey.

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In all, it seems like a well-designed mini Bluetooth speaker, but like all these compact speakers it can only deliver so much bass and tends to reduce its volume a bit when confronted with too much bass or complicated tracks in order to avoid distorting.

Razer also sells a full-size Leviathan soundbar that delivers 5.1 virtual surround. However, the Mini is just a portable Bluetooth speaker and I think Razer will have to bring its price down to get any traction in the highly competitive Bluetooth speaker market.

The Leviathan Mini ships in January.