Razer DeathAdder for Mac OS X review: Razer DeathAdder for Mac OS X

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The Good Good accuracy. Highly responsive. Highly customisable. Multiple profiles.

The Bad Weedy cable. Infrared means it won't track as well on some surfaces. Right handed only.

The Bottom Line With StarCraft II and Diablo III on the horizon for OS X, and the benefits designers and video editors can gain from a highly responsive and accurate mouse, this is one device you should check out.

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8.5 Overall

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Razer's DeathAdder for Mac is, unsurprisingly, nearly identical to the standard DeathAdder, the only real difference being that the pulsing Razer logo and the scroll wheel glows white instead of blue.

It's an all-black mouse with a moulded rubber top, a high grip scroll wheel and two buttons positioned just under the thumb. Like most gaming mice, it's designed for right handers, but unlike recent mice, it uses infrared instead of laser to track. As a result, the DeathAdder doesn't track perfectly on as many surfaces as our standard Logitech G5, and we had to go in search of a mousepad to enable reliable performance. Also of concern is the weedy cable, which while functional looks and feels a little frail.

Apart from the mouse itself, inside the box is a bunch of advertising, a driver CD, two Razer stickers and a manual.

While the product is aimed at Mac users, the included CD doesn't have any Mac drivers (or Windows drivers for that matter), instead pointing you towards the Razer website to download them — it's a bit silly, but it does make sure you get the latest version — just make sure you're online first.

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