Ravon U222 USB Speaker

The U222 USB speakers are compact and lightweight enough for travel or business, featuring integrated iTunes and Windows Media Player controls.

In brief

Combining style and portability, the U222 USB Speaker attaches to a laptop or desktop computer in a compact footprint that measures 67x152x75mm, making the speaker a convenient size for travel or business presentations. On first impression, most USB speakers appear to be aurally hampered by their size, but the U222 features a fold-able stand to separate the unit in two, providing extra scope for dispersing sound across a wider area. Controlling programs such as iTunes and Windows Media Player can be done using the dedicated buttons on the side. The speakers can also be attached together in a soundbar-style unit, which gives some audiophile style to the textured plastic grille at the front.

The U222 USB Speaker retails for AU$129.95.