Ravon i332

The i332 is a portable speaker for the iPod and iPhone, adding a touch of industrial chic to audio and video playback.

In brief

The i332, as the name belies, is an iPod and iPhone docking speaker that, at least from the wooden exterior, tries to look a tad more interesting than other run-of-the-mill MP3 playback units. Piano black features as the finishing touch of the day and the front features a metal grille to add a splash of industrial action to the speaker-cum-objet d'art.

Inside, the 4-inch subwoofer adds increased bass response as well as an S-Video output to watch video from the iPod or iPhone on other devices such as a television. Also included is a full remote control and a 3.5mm jack for external input from other MP3 players.

The Ravon i332 retails for AU$399.95.