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Radiopaq Dots review: Radiopaq Dots

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The Good Lightweight and inconspicuous; good bass delivery; inexpensive.

The Bad Muddy treble; feel flimsy.

The Bottom Line The Radiopaq Dots won't impress audiophiles, but they deliver a much better listening experience than the earbuds that are bundled with most MP3 players. They're rather flimsy, though.

6.5 Overall

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Radiopaq is best known as a search engine for Internet radio stations, but the company also sells a range of audio hardware products. Among them are the Radiopaq Dots -- tiny headphones designed to deliver big sound. They're aimed at users who want a cheap upgrade from the standard earphones that ship with most portable audio players. The Dots are available from Amazon and other sources for around £15.

Lilliputian buds

The Dots really do live up to their name -- they're among the smallest earphones we've ever seen. This can make them quite fiddly to place in your ears, but you should get a fairly good fit once you experiment with the small, medium and large tips provided in the packaging.

Once the Dots are in, their small size can make you look as if you've got a set of wires going through your ears directly to your brain. That's fine if you like your audio equipment inconspicuous, but anyone who likes to show off their gadgets won't really appreciate the look.

One thing we certainly didn't appreciate was the apparent flimsiness of the Dots. Our review sample broke after just a week of use, due to the cable becoming damaged at the connector jack. Your own mileage may vary, but we think earphones should last slightly longer than seven days of normal use -- even in our clumsy hands.

Locked in, locked on

The dots offer half-decent sound-isolation capability, which provides a few notable benefits. Users needn't increase the volume of their MP3 player to levels that could damage hearing, those around you needn't be subjected to tinny renditions of whatever music you're enjoying, and the battery in your MP3 player should last longer as a result of music not being played as loudly.

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