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Rabbids 3D review: Rabbids 3D

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From the realm of prehistory through ancient civilisations and onto the Middle Ages, your journey takes you through four worlds of about 15 levels each. Lush jungle greenery gives way to stonework structures as the vibrant backgrounds change to fit your era. The environmental design has a nice cartoonish look, and, in addition to the inoffensive depth-of-field effect, there are a few uneven attempts to take advantage of the system's 3D capabilities. Light streaming in through stained-glass cathedral windows works quite nicely, for example, though a scarab beetle alighting on the screen for a moment feels too gimmicky to impress.

Rabbid pharoahs were entombed with thousands of rubber duckies to keep them company in the afterlife.
(Credit: GameSpot)

There are also some unlockable figurines that can be viewed in 3D, as well as costumes that you can use to dress your rabbid. Mixing and matching hats and shirts to make strange combinations has some appeal, though younger folks are more likely to get enjoyment out of these little bonuses. Earning these extras requires you to collect as many rubber ducks (a rabbid's version of coins) as you can during each level. Grabbing this inflatable currency during levels can require some tricky manoeuvring, and simply raking in as many as possible is inherently satisfying. If you collect enough, you can unlock bonus levels that are timed challenges devoted solely to gathering duckies.

You also have to keep an eye out for energy spheres that unlock modified versions of levels, which ostensibly have an odd historical twist. They play out like the other levels, for the most part, but if you don't pay close attention to which levels these energy spheres are available on, you may find yourself near the end of the game without enough spheres to unlock further levels. There is no clear indicator of which levels you must revisit to find these spheres (there are 11 in total). This makes for a frustrating finish in which you feel denied the satisfaction of completion.

Fortunately, this is one of the only frustrations provided by Rabbids Travel in Time 3D. Most of the game is a breezy platforming romp through history, fuelled by the simple satisfaction of clearing levels and collecting rubber ducks. The lack of challenge and lukewarm humour limit this game's appeal, but it's well suited for young or inexperienced players looking for a fun 3DS game.

Via GameSpot

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