Quirky goes modular with the reinvented Spotter Uniq

With a modular design that lets you pick the sensors that matter to you, Quirky's multi-purpose sensor just got a makeover.

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In a sweeping announcement that included six other new products, Quirky announced a new, modular reinvention of the Spotter Multipurpose Sensor . Starting at just $30 and dubbed the Spotter Uniq, the new device allows users to pick up to four sensors or functions from an expanded variety of options.

Sensor options include what we saw in last year's Spotter (sound, motion, light, temperature, and humidity), along with several new additions, including air quality, carbon monoxide, barometric pressure, and moisture detectors. You'll also be able to add buttons, an LED screen, a lithium ion battery, a microphone, speakers, a gyroscope, or an accelerometer.

In addition to the sensors, you'll be able to customize the look of the device, too, with white, black, and green finishes available for each component, as well as the body of the device itself. Choose any of the finishes for a uniform design, or mix and match your colors -- it's up to you.


Like the rest of the tech in the Quirky + GE family, you'll control the Spotter Uniq through the free Wink app for Android and iOS devices. Like the original Spotter, you'll be able to program the different sensors to trigger other connected gadgets in your Wink ecosystem. Motion detection could trigger a lamp to turn on, for instance.

In our tests, we've always come away impressed with the Wink app, though some of Quirky's products -- including last year's Spotter -- haven't performed up to our expectations. If the hardware in the Spotter Uniq is truly new and improved, then it looks to be an especially smart addition to Quirky's lineup.

With a starting price of $30 (or as much as $120, depending on the tech you choose), the Spotter Uniq can be ordered online starting today, along with Quirky's other new additions, which include a connected garage door opener , and the Norm , Quirky's stab at a smart thermostat. The Spotter Uniq will be built small batch at Quirky's new microfactory in San Francisco, CA. Units are expected to ship out in December of this year.

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