QuickBooks 2007 review: QuickBooks 2007

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The Good QuickBooks 2007 provides minor improvements to an already top-notch interface; new Google-specific marketing tools.

The Bad QuickBooks 2007 doesn't offer many new accounting goodies for QuickBooks 2006 upgraders.

The Bottom Line Despite its lean list of improvements, QuickBooks 2007 remains a terrific small-business accounting package. Longtime QuickBooks users who haven't already upgraded to QuickBooks 2006 should leap to 2007 instead.

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8.0 Overall
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QuickBooks Premier 2007 is a minor upgrade of last year's ground-breaking QuickBooks 2006, which overhauled Intuit's best-selling small-business accounting program with an easier-to-navigate home page and a faster SQL database. This year's bookkeeping-related changes are mostly user-requested tweaks--improved forms, charts, and payroll management--and none too exciting. The big news, in fact, concerns marketing rather than accounting. The QuickBooks 2007 partnership with Google allows small businesses to boost their Internet presence by listing their name and address on Google Maps, creating ad campaigns with Google AdWords, and promoting their wares online via Google Base.

Here's what's new. QuickBooks 2007's forms designer now has a preview window that shows changes as you make them. Let's say you're designing a packing slip to include the new company logo. When you check the Bill To box in the Print column, the Bill To box appears in the preview window to the right. In previous versions, you had to print the form to see if your design changes worked. Helpful? Yes. Earthshaking? No.

QuickBooks 2007's forms designer includes a new preview window to let you see changes as you make them.

You'll find similar touch-ups elsewhere in QuickBooks 2007. For example, the Chart of Accounts--used to track how much money's coming in, how much is going out, and how much you have--has been simplified to reduce common errors that occur when you classify expenses. Specifically, the number of expense options has been sliced to 30, way down from 130, and includes only those mostly commonly used. Fewer choices mean fewer misclassified expenses and fewer headaches for your accountant come tax time. QuickBooks 2007 makes it easier to manage sales taxes. Plus, the program will learn how you describe common business expenses, then automatically categorize them to spare you from manual entry.

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