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Pure Oasis Flow review: Pure Oasis Flow

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The Good The Pure Oasis Flow is a decent-sounding weatherproof Wi-Fi and FM radio device that packs in a rechargeable battery and can sync up with The Lounge for customized Internet radio. The Oasis Flow can also connect to a media server or NAS on a local network.

The Bad We had a tough time properly charging the Oasis Flow's battery and found that inputting text and searching on the device were cumbersome. Its audio quality leaves some room for improvement and we wish more could be done with the included USB port.

The Bottom Line The Pure Oasis Flow is a strong portable effort, but its shortcomings keep it from satisfying as a complete Wi-Fi radio package.

6.5 Overall
  • Design 6
  • Features 7
  • Performance 6

We've seen an impressive number of quality Wi-Fi radio devices lately, but the reason the Pure Oasis Flow excited us was its portability. The Oasis Flow packs in a rechargeable battery and is weatherproof.

While we enjoyed having the luxury of a portable and weatherproof Internet and FM radio, the Oasis Flow does suffer from a few shortcomings. It depends on the user whether these demerits are deal breakers.

It's probably best to compare the Oasis Flow with two of our favorite Internet radio devices, the Logitech Squeezebox and Livio Radio, but it's definitely worth mentioning that these devices are significantly cheaper than the Oasis Flow.

The Oasis Flow is a compact yet heavy Wi-Fi and FM radio that boasts a weatherproof design and rechargeable battery. It measures about 8.5 by 6 by 5.5 inches but weighs nearly 5 pounds. It has a tough, hard plastic gray frame with glossy white panels. The Flow also has a really convenient handle built into the top of the case.

Up front is a very nice OLED touch-screen display with bright yellow text that can be read in any light. Below it, and above the speaker, are two adjustment knobs and a power button.

On the right side are the Oasis Flow's connectivity ports, a headphone jack, auxiliary in, USB port, and 12V DC charging apparatus. Don't get too excited about the USB port; it's only used for an Ethernet adapter, which is sold separately.

Rubber stoppers keep the ports dry in wet situations.

We'd be lying if we said entering text on the Oasis Flow is quick. It's not; as with all devices of this type, manual text entry is definitely cumbersome. That said, the OLED touch screen does make it easier to cycle through submenus, so we're wondering why an onscreen keyboard isn't an option.

The Oasis Flow can be used on a local network with media servers or a NAS device. Again, information entry is tedious, but we were able to get music to play off our Synology NAS after some slight tweaking. We can't guarantee compatibility with all media servers and NAS devices, though.

We also found that charging the Oasis Flow's battery was not as easy as we imagined it would be. Leaving it plugged in overnight didn't seem to fill it up completely, as the next day the battery icon was only half full. This may be a bug within the system's firmware, though, because the Flow seemed to last its advertised 10 hours with the icon stuck at half capacity. Luckily, the firmware can be upgraded, and it only takes about 2 minutes.

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