Pure Lounge review: Pure Lounge

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The Good Good cross-pollination across devices Easy to add music to folders.

The Bad Web and mobile apps not as well built as others Some features quite obviously missing Clunky to navigate and slow.

The Bottom Line If you don't have a Pure radio with Flow technology, there is nothing to be gained from the Lounge that you can't find better implemented elsewhere.

Visit for details.

6.0 Overall

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Remember way back when we reviewed the Pure One Flow, and we mentioned music purchasing? It's here now (sort of, not quite) in the form of the Lounge, a music service that's compatible across PCs, smartphones and the Pure Flow range of digital radios.

We've been giving it a bit of a test drive with the One Flow.

It's a strange beast; it doesn't quite seem to fit any one thing properly. It almost, almost works perfectly, but there are a few niggling, ill-fit moments across the board, indicating that it needs just a little bit more tweaking.

The website

The website is the most easily navigable part of the Lounge — but that's not saying much. It can still get a little confusing.

Once inside and logged in, you can explore everything that the Lounge has to offer: the live radio stations from all around the globe, radio and podcasts on demand, ambient sounds (white noise makes sense, an industrial fan not so much) and a store.

(Screenshot by Michelle Starr/CBSi)

This generally seems to be quite a bit cheaper than iTunes. Katzenjammer's LePop, for example, is AU$11.99, and it's AU$1.29 per song, compared to Apple's AU$16.99 and AU$1.69, respectively. New release The Decemberists' We All Raise Our Voices to the Air is AU$16.99 on the Lounge and AU$17.99 on iTunes, and songs are AU$1.99 and AU$2.19, respectively.

However, it was impossible to use; the website didn't allow us to enter payment details in order to make purchases. As the site currently stands, we couldn't find any way to give it our payment details — the fields are there for credit card entry, but there's no button to save, which just left us feeling cheated.

On the positive side, the radio functions for cross-device pollination are great. The left panel shows nav options up the top, and lists your devices and folders down the bottom. As you browse Live Radio, On-Demand and Pure Sounds, you have a couple of options to send stations to your various devices. Tick the box and click the "Add to Folder" button in the bottom right; or, much easier, simply drag the station's thumbnail onto the device or folder in the left pane.

This information will then be sent to your smartphone or radio, or stored on your computer for easy access to your favourite stations.