PURE Digital Siesta Flow review: PURE Digital Siesta Flow

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The Good Access to online stations; Web-based presets.

The Bad Casing feels relatively cheap.

The Bottom Line PURE Digital's growing line-up of Internet-connected radios has another star, in the form of the slimline Siesta Flow. Allowing you to wake up to news from right around the world, or to the sound of African pygmies playing the nasal flute, or whatever else floats your musical boat, the Siesta Flow makes early mornings less painful

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8.3 Overall

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If you find Wogan wearing and Moyles no longer mirthful, the PURE Digital Siesta Flow bedside radio will let you wake up to more than 10,000 online stations that broadcast their output over the Net. This £100 DAB, FM and Internet radio will also stream your MP3s, and has a neat built-in port for charging your mobile while you sleep.

Simple set-up
PURE's range of DAB alarm clocks is growing as quickly as ever, with the Siesta Flow adding Internet streaming into the mix. This slimline, almost triangular radio connects to the Internet over your Wi-Fi network, so you can wake up to countless stations from right around the world.

Set-up is a breeze. Touch-sensitive buttons on the front are arranged around a bright OLED display. They walk you through a comprehensive set of menus for picking your network and entering your password. It's rather tedious tapping in the code using up and down arrows and a confirmation button, but this is, at least, a one-time chore. Elsewhere, there are controls for four separate alarms, the volume, a sleep timer and the obligatory snooze bar, which is positioned well and easily found by sleepy hands.

Rammed with features
The Siesta Flow has a DAB+ tuner, so it's relatively future-proof, and, if you download the complementary Flow Server software, you can also use it to stream your MP3 library. A port behind the speakers, which are top-mounted, lets you connect other inputs, such as an iPod or standard MP3 player. Also, to the right, there's a USB power port for charging a mobile phone, media player or other USB-compatible gadget overnight.