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PURE Digital Legato II review: PURE Digital Legato II

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Along with adding new features to the system in the future, the USB connection also allows you to transfer recorded radio shows to your PC, or put MP3s directly on to the SD card, which sits in the reader on the front of the system, alongside a third auxiliary input.

MP3s aren't sorted by album or artist automatically. Instead, you need to organise them into different folders yourself on the PC. But the good news is that it can read ID3 tags, so at least you know what's playing and it will play albums in the right order. It also supports M3U playlists, allowing for good old-fashioned manual playlist creation, though this can only be achieved using a computer.

Other notable features include support for MP3 CDs, several clock alarms, up to 20 DAB recording schedules, 99 DAB and 24 FM presets and full bass and treble control for customised listening preferences.

The Legato II does a pretty good job of reproducing a wide range of audio, from the melodic strumming of folk rock, through to the complexities of modern progressive metal. Using a lossless file through the auxiliary input, KT Tunstall's Black Horse and The Cherry Tree bit through the speakers and into our ears with excellent clarity and definition. This track demonstrated the Legato II's strength at mid- and high-range frequency reproduction.

Moving on to Dream Theater's Peruvian Skies, we heard a great ability to drive a complex but well-mixed blend of guitars, a unique range of keyboard effects, powerful drums and complex bass patterns. While performance with this type of music could be improved upon in terms of overall definition, we were very content with the Legato II's general audio performance.

Using the Legato II's independent bass and treble controls really makes a difference and adds significant warmth and body to any audio played on the system. Rock music in particular sounds improved by using these tweaks and bass-driven dance anthems sound much more powerful, too.

The Legato II is an all-round great performer and the DAB recording and EPG features are superb. The only downside is that it's a little on the expensive side, but if you're planning on using all of the features it boasts, it's worth paying the extra.

Edited by Jason Jenkins
Additional editing by Nick Hide

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