PURE Digital Evoke Mio review: PURE Digital Evoke Mio

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The Good Great design; highly readable OLED display; pitch-perfect output.

The Bad Leather case won't appeal to everyone.

The Bottom Line If you want a sturdy, no-nonsense machine for tuning to DAB and FM radio, plenty of empty presets and a design you'll be proud to show off, the PURE Digital Evoke Mio is probably what you're after. Its performance is spot-on, it's easy to use and its chunky case could probably take a few knocks if you plan on carting it about the house

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9.3 Overall

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Every so often, you come across a product that ticks every box. This is one of those times. At around £140, the PURE Digital Evoke Mio DAB radio with FM tuner isn't cheap, especially when you consider what you can get on a supermarket's electrical shelves. Nor is it feature-packed when you stand it alongside its siblings, the Evoke-3 or Evoke Flow. What your money buys you, though, is quality: a powerful tuner, an attractive case and a great speaker that does your listening material justice. Try as we might, we can't find anything substantial to dislike.

Timeless beauty
How old is this radio? Five years? Fifteen? It could have been around for 50 years, but it would still be a beauty, wrapped in suede and polished leather, which lend it an ageless charm. It looks good, it feels good and it can give Roberts' retro range a run for its money. The handle, which arches gracefully over the top, is also encased in leather, which means it doesn't have the ability to act as a touch-sensitive snooze control, unlike with many of the other machines in PURE Digital's Evoke range. That small point aside, the leather handle adds enormously to the radio's overall appeal.

It may have old-world appeal on the outside, but, under the hood, the Mio is no technological slouch. It has twin tuners for FM and DAB, both of which are strong and steady, picking up an impressive array of stations and holding them without a flicker of interference as we moved the radio around the house. Around the back, you'll find line-in and headphone sockets, alongside stereo-out.

Frugal operator
The Mio runs on mains power or can use PURE Digital's own battery ChargePAK. This is an optional extra on other sets, costing a not inconsiderable £35, but the Mio is the first radio with which Pure ships it as a standard component. It provides up to 24 hours of mobile listening on a full charge and tops itself up every time you plug the radio in for listening via the mains. With stats like this, it's little wonder that the Mio has won accreditation from the Energy Saving Trust.

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