PURE Digital Evoke Flow review: PURE Digital Evoke Flow

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The Good Access to online stations; Web-based preset management; looks great.

The Bad Confusing menus.

The Bottom Line The PURE Digital Evoke Flow makes listening to online radio easy, and it looks good, too. By integrating a search engine and supplementing the Evoke Flow with an online portal, PURE has delivered the iPod of Web-connected radios. It's a device that makes online radio not only usable, but accessible and fun. We highly recommended it

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9.3 Overall

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PURE Digital has done well to bide its time. The Web has had radio almost as long as music stores, news and spam, but the British DAB leader didn't leap into the field with both feet, choosing instead to learn from its rivals' mistakes. The result is the Evoke Flow, a smart, attractive digital, FM and Wi-Fi radio that makes Internet listening as easy as tuning in to The Archers. The Evoke Flow is available for around £130.

Streets ahead
In form, the Evoke Flow looks like any other radio, but, in function, it's streets ahead of the competition. The black case is dominated by a bright OLED display, which displays information pixel by pixel, rather than letter by letter and line by line. This lets it scroll by much smaller increments and present more information than a standard portable radio's display. It needs to be able to do this because it supplements its DAB and FM tuners with Wi-Fi for receiving online stations. With over 12,000 broadcasters at your disposal, you need a decent interface with which to whittle them down.

The Evoke Flow has a built-in search engine. You can specify the language, country of origin, genre and even quality of the stream you want to hear. If that doesn't turn up the station you're after, you can enter all or part of its name. Without a keyboard, this is a fairly fiddly process, performed by twisting and pressing a single knob and confirming your choices with one of the three soft buttons above. It's very frustrating, until you realise that there's a better way.

The Lounge
PURE has built a portal, PURE Lounge, to which the Evoke Flow connects. This lets you to organise and store your stations using a standard browser, and have your choices fed back to the radio. Likewise, any favourites set on the radio itself are saved in your Lounge account, giving you an unlimited number of Wi-Fi presets (DAB and FM presets are limited to 10 and 30 respectively). If you have more than one PURE Wi-Fi radio, you can also use the Lounge as a preset-synchronisation tool by registering them all on the same account.

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