Pumped BMX 2 review: A BMX stunt game that gets everything right

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The Good Pumped BMX 2 has great-looking graphics, tons of content, and addictive gameplay. It's a huge improvement over the original game.

The Bad You can't watch a replay of a great run.

The Bottom Line With numerous tracks, 500 challenges, and smooth addictive gameplay, Pumped BMX 2 for iOS is a must buy for extreme sports game fans.


8.8 Overall
  • Setup 10
  • Features 8
  • Interface 9
  • Performance 9

Pumped 2 for iOS ($2.99, £1.99, AU$3.79) is the sequel to Pumped (iOS|Android), a 2D BMX stunt game that built a large cult following on the App Store. The original had fairly simple graphics and a flat 2D style, but still managed to be fun as you pulled off big tricks on tons of tracks.

Pumped 2 shares the side scrolling aspects of the original, but with 3D backdrops, tons of tracks, and immensely satisfying stunt combos, this game is vastly superior to the original.

I originally downloaded this game because it looked like a fun diversion, but have come to really enjoy it and even play it daily because it does just about everything right.

Learning the ropes

Pumped 2 starts you out on an easy track with two straight-forward jumps, then leads you through a tutorial to show how to control your bike. To build momentum, you use the big Pump button in the lower right, then right before hitting the lip of a jump, you let go. The pump button also brings you down to earth faster once you're in the air, so it is important to let go to get the most height in your jump.

While in the air, you can perform several different tricks and (once you get the hang of it) combine them for big scores. On the left you can swipe an onscreen joystick while in the air to perform one of eight different basic tricks or touch a button to go to more advanced tricks that use the same joystick. On the right is a spin button that causes your bike to perform a horizontal 360. For flips, you can turn your phone physically to the left or right to perform back flips or front flips respectively.

It definitely takes awhile to get the hang of the controls, but once you do, you'll be using all the buttons I've mentioned to perform insane tricks for huge points.

So many challenges

Pumped 2 has tons of tracks to master and each have 10 challenges. The easiest of which is to complete the track, though even that can be incredibly difficult once you get to the higher levels. Many of the tracks force you to build momentum to even land on the next section of track so sometimes if you spend too much time doing tricks in the air, you'll lose your momentum and won't be able to continue on.

Other challenges have you trying to hit an overall point score for your run or for an individual trick. There are easy, medium, and hard challenges for each track, and each close out with requiring you to perform a specific trick combo. So once you play the game for awhile, the challenge of Pumped 2 becomes trying to close out all the requirements for each track before moving on to the next.

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